#2: From Dead Broke to First-Class to Ireland – My Journey to Coaching, Yoga, & Podcasting

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A continuation from where we left off in episode 1, Oliver shares the catalyst for aligned re-invention after overcoming his rock bottom and his journey towards becoming a Breakthrough Coach, Yoga teacher, and now podcaster!

In this episode, Oliver discusses what the show is about, the theme of breakdowns/breakthroughs, the upcoming guests to look forward to. Enjoy!

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What You'll Learn:

  • Origin story of this podcast
  • The importance of well-being over success and happiness
  • Synchronicity and serendipity that led me to a retreat in Ireland
  • Epiphany around money after being dead broke
  • The never ending journey of breakdowns and breakthroughs
  • Moving out of my parent's house
  • Becoming a Breakthrough Coach
  • Becoming a Yoga Teacher
  • My first conversations as a coach and mentor
  • How one coaching conversation led to a friend's seven figure business journey
  • Aligned Re-Invention
  • In harmony with yourself equals in harmony with life, the universe
  • Intention for season one of the show
  • "If it doesn't move me, how is it going to move other people?" - Adele


The Well-Being Checklist

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