#5: Steven Farquharson: Metaphoric Deaths & Artistic Rebirth

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From giving up on his creative self-expression to being reborn as a rapper, coach, and self-help comedian, this interview with Steven Farquharson, is one you won't want to miss. Get an in-depth look at what it was like feeling lost, defeated, and useless from someone who is now considered to be empowering and inspirational by many. Hear about the process Steven took to rediscover his true self and what led him to begin sharing his gifts by making people laugh, entertaining and inspiring them to live better lives.

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Meet Steven:

Steven Farquharson coaches creatives into becoming their fully expressed selves. He is a writer and actor in the comedy duo 2Helpfulguys, as well as a conscious rapper.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why you can't grow if no one sees/hears your work
  • The cost of burying your emotions
  • Going from creating content he thought “people wanted” to creating based on what’s exciting
  • How a relationship falling apart led to his life unraveling
  • The importance of declaring himself an "artist"
  • How powerful it is to follow what excites you
  • Why reframing things as experiments is valuable
  • The benefits of having a low burn lifestyle
  • Having an environment that reflects possibility


“Nothing good can happen if you don’t put yourself out there.” - Steven Farquharson


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