#13: Jenn Pike: Origins of The Simplicity Project

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Today we have the amazing Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert, Jenn Pike. She is the bestselling author of The Simplicity Project specializing in optimizing nutrition, hormones, and fitness for women. She has had experience in personal training with athletes, instructing yoga, owning her own studio, to eventually selling her studio and taking her business online. She supports women from around the world through her programs, books, talks, and appearances in publications, television, and radio. By decoding the stories of clients' bodies, she is well equipped with her knowledge and experience to create unique diet and exercise plans that cater to each individual's needs that introduce more simplicity an ease in your life!

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Meet Jenn:

Jenn Pike, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert and Bestselling author of “The Simplicity Project~ A Simple, No-Nonsense Approach To Losing Weight & Changing Your Body Forever! Jenn is the founder of The Simplicity Project and her revolutionary women’s health course, The Hormone Project. She is a nationally sought after Nutritionist, Yoga Educator and Medical Exercise Specialist on holistic living principles.

Host of Simplicity TV, an International Speaker and regularly contributes her holistic expertise to publications, television and radio shows such as, Breakfast Television, Global, CTV, CHCH and Rogers. Jenn sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine, iRun, The Social Common and Savvy Mom and is a National Ambassador for The Canadian Cancer Society stand against Sugar campaign.

As an inspired Mom of two, she understands that true well-being is a journey to be enjoyed not a struggle to be forced. Jenn inspires you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do.

What You'll Learn:

  • Creating habits and rituals that help maintain motivation
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people to create an energizing environment
  • How polished positivity on social media triggers insecurity and
  • How to better express honesty through the medium by speaking from the heart, unedited and uncensored
  • Why we should not compare ourselves to others and not turn joy and success into a competition
  • Being aware of what we digest, not just in regards to food, but information as well
  • How Jenn made the best use of watching and learning from her mentors to solidify her education
  • How motherhood has transformed her relationship to teaching and learning
  • The humility it takes to learn from children
  • How her craving for simplicity amidst a ton of complexity made her re-evaluate her values
  • The cost of overextending yourself when your revenue doesn't match the level of energy you put into your vision
  • Living in integrity with the advice and wisdom you offer to others and the cost of feeling like a fraud when you can't
  • Taking it easy on yourself and not give in to the culture of busy-ness equaling productivity and fulfillment
  • Allowing yourself to rest, recover, and recuperate from over exertion
  • Utilizing the trust you have in your mentors, friends, and family when you're stuck in a rut
  • The trials and tribulations that had her go from $25,000 in debt to building a multiple six figure yoga studio in 18 months
  • Redefining what abundance means to you


"Please, today don't waste your personal energy focusing on what other people have, or are doing, and what you are not. Instead work towards the things you say you want to create, have, or do."
"What you choose to feed your body is a result of how you choose to nourish your life."
"We think of our digestion and our nourishment as simply the drinks that we have, the food that we have, but you're digesting all day long. And the most important things that you're digesting are the things you don't even connect to; like the words around you, the energy, what you're viewing on social media, the podcast you're listening to. All of those things, you are taking all of it on and that's either feeding your or starving you."
"Our bodies are full, we're over fed in many different ways, but we're actually starving."
"I started to change who I was spending time with and I actually started to let people in that, at the time*, have been reaching out, but I looked at them as being better than who I was or where I was and I was afraid of being vulnerable enough to let them know how crappy I was doing."  
*The time she was in massive debt for her business and had overworked herself to getting sick the first time in her life.
"I had very little money, but I had the things that were so abundant in my life you can't buy with money."
"I always try to top level up with people who--it doesn't mean they're generating a ton of revenue, but they are just having conversations I am really drawn to--that are really helping me continue this development of who I am because it's never going to end."
"I do not have everything figured out. . . and I'm glad I don't because everything I've learned in this process of unraveling myself, of getting tired, of getting overwhelmed, it all helps me to then build up to that place where I get to be very proud and create content that I love."
"The fear is still there, the fear is always there. The difference now is that I know that I'm always going to land, and I may not always land on my feet, but I know I'm going to land."
"In the process of jumping when I'm not ready to landing where ever it is, the stuff I learned in between those two places--you can't buy that."


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