#15: Dr. Jeff Spencer: The Champion’s Nature

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Today my guest is The Cornerman, Dr. Jeff Spencer. After meeting Jeff for the first time I was blown away to hear about his experiences, insights, and observations on goal achievement and the champion's mindset. I truly value his wisdom and have implemented what I've learned from our conversations, his newsletters and this interview. It has created an immense amount of clarity, focus, and action for me in my business.

If you don't already know him, Jeff is someone who wants you to win big. He has over several decades in the high-performance world as an Olympian and cornerman to champions and has evolved a repeatable blueprint for anyone to get what they want. His goal is to share with you his step-by-step proprietary process that has created Olympic gold-medalists, world champions and has helped celebrities, business, and political leaders to accomplish their goals consistently and predictably.

In this episode, we dive into the impact of self-care on your day, distinguishing the champion’s nature vs human nature, the value of doing the most difficult task first, distinguishing between goal setting and goal achievement, the importance of seeing the path forward and much, much more.

I am so excited for you to absorb Jeff's wisdom. Enjoy!

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Meet Jeff:

Dr. Jeff Spencer wants you to win big. Over several decades in the high-performance world as an Olympian and cornerman to champions, he has evolved a repeatable blueprint for anyone to get what they want. And, he wants to share with you that step-by-step proprietary process that has created Olympic gold-medalists and world champions, the same one used by celebrities, business, and political leaders to accomplish their goals consistently and predictably.

“Jeff’s wisdom and the few simple things he told me to do at critical points enable me to win Olympic Gold” -- Greg Rutherford, 2012 Olympic Long Jump Champion

“Jeff Spencer is like my secret weapon. He knows what to say or ask to pull or push me through. Any champion has someone to direct them and to get the best out of them. For me, that is Jeff Spencer.”  -- Garrett Gunderson, CEO, Wealth Factory

“Jeff is in a class all by himself and working with him is a must for any person wanting to sharpen their physical, mental, and emotional mind-body toughness to success in sport, business and in life.”  -- Connie Paraskevin, 4-time World Sprint Cycling Champion

What You'll Learn:

  • How self-care in the early morning can impact your day
  • The importance of unwinding for the night and sleeping early
  • Pacing yourself and tackling the most difficult tasks before they become too daunting later
  • Managing your time well to get the most out of your day without tiring yourself out
  • The difference between The Champion's Nature vs Human Nature
  • How to live deliberately instead of by default
  • How Jeff's history has always been leading towards The Champion's Nature
  • Jeff's acquired wisdom from health care and Olympic training, and how they have shaped his view on life
  • Never being too proud or ashamed to ask for help
  • Accepting that we require several external sources of wisdom and inspiration 
  • Discovering the several "Why's "that drive your motivation and informs your goals
  • To debunk the myth that the lives of top performers are much easier because "they've made it," when really, top performers face higher levels of challenge to get to and stay where they're at
  • How the level of conversation you have impacts the level of success and happiness that become available to you
  • Learning to see the path forward to undo the fears of success and the challenges that come with it
  • Goal setting is not goal achieving


"I judge my success as a human on whether if I show up and I'm receptive to my calling as an individual, then it's been a successful day for me."
"When we react and engage life through our impulses it's not a recipe for long-term excellence."
"There is something within us that does want to make a difference and does want to manifest a quality life of value, a life contribution, and that to me, is a stronger desire than our fear-based survival instinct."
"The survival instinct gets first dibs of every bit of information and so we do have to understand the language of greatness and understand the language of excellence, and learn how to apply those tenets and principles that reflect that."
"Human nature, given an opportunity would say 'what do I stand to lose here?' That's typical because it's fear-based, it's a typical human nature response to it. But the champion's nature is 'what do I stand to gain here?'"
"It's not just a mindset of thinking big with mantras, positive thinking, all of those are valuable, but it's really what our action responses to life as life unfolds from moment to moment."
"Life will present options to our level of competency and our development as a human."
"It's extremely important that we be around a variety of things and get good counsel from those people that are, and have done, the things we're aspiring to do."
"Everyone thinks the people at the top have it mastered because they have their own businesses, they are accomplished. They don't understand the magnitude of the challenge that's associated with that. If you look at high performers their lives a thousand times more complex than the average person's."
"Everybody needs guidance. Everybody needs a voice of sobriety. Everyone needs an honest conversation about these things."
"Anxiety drops when there's no more ambiguity."
[Jeff's suggestions for conquering ambiguity]
"You need some guidance. You need a Sherpa who can show you how to climb Mount Everest because, on your first try, you want to make it count, but you don't want to fall off the mountain into the ravine where you never recover from."
"Working hard is important and plans are important, but if we don't know where we are in the plan we don't have a personal GPS."
"The goals that we choose need to be done appropriately based upon our capacity to manifest them at a certain point in time."
"The early challenges should be vetted in the preparation before you even get started so you have a sense of what the obstacles are going to be."
"My model will not let you make decisions that you're not ready to make because it will reveal your state of readiness. It won't let you get ahead of yourself, you don't want to get ahead of yourself." 


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