#6: Rachael Lowe: The Power of Asking For Help: A Journey From Self-Doubt to Self-Love

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In this episode, we explore the story of Rachael Lowe and how she went from self-doubt and trying to do it all on her own to self-confidence and realizing the power of asking for help. Rachael is an entrepreneur who supports life coaches and their clients as a Community Manager, she is the Director of Possibility Camp, and shares her personal explorations with growth and transformation at LivingAmbitiously.com. Hear about how she overcame negative patterns in relationships, being misaligned with her heart and discover the insights she gained from her own personal rock bottom to step into more self-care, self-expression, and living a life she's designed. Rachael's story I'm sure is one that will resonate with you if you have ever felt off your path and her honesty refreshing. Enjoy!

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Meet Rachael Lowe:

Rachael Lynn is a creator who helps adults and girls alike believe that their dreams are valid.

With experience in both the corporate world and entrepreneurship, she now knows there’s no right or wrong path - but there ARE small, specific actions we need to take to feel fulfilled.

Rachael is on a mission to help men + women who want MORE out of life create play and creativity where they believe none exists. She supports those adults who gave up on the things they loved to find the time and space to do them again - which helps them be even more productive in their work (or turn what they love into their job).

AND, as a Director of Possibility Camp, a camp for girls 8-13 years old based in Toronto, Canada - she supports our future female leaders in building self confidence, self love, and the skills to get ahead - resilience, design thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

Rachael’s personal website can be found at livingambitiously.com. You can find out more about Possibility Camp at herpossibility.com

What You'll Learn:

  • How the desire to supporting people came from herself needed support
  • How romantic relationships led to her self-growth
  • The role of loss in her journey
  • Her experiences in the pattern of being "the saviour"
  • Growing up early and becoming the adult of her family
  • The costs of taking care of everybody else and not taking care of herself
  • Psychic baby’s energy?
  • The pain of misalignment with her heart
  • Going from outward focus to inward focus
  • The value of having a tribe, community
  • How asking for help was transformational
  • The importance of feeling what you feel
  • Rachael's definition of success


"Social life is self-care." - Rachael Lowe

"I owe it to myself my future children to get my shit together. How can I be a mother and give advice that I don’t take?" - Rachael Lowe

"When you feel it, fucking go there further." - Rachael Lowe


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