#8: Jennifer Acosta: From Survival Mode to Living A Richer Life

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In this episode, we meet Jennifer Acosta. Jennifer is a Wealth Coach, Professional Network Marketer, and someone who supports people in creating fuller, deeper, richer, lives. In our interview, she shares about a monumental turning point in her life that had her in survival mode for many years. Hear about how at 18 years old she broke away from a predictable path, for a new path that was filled with possibilities. Learn about the trauma and challenges that led to her leaving New York for California with very little money, to rediscover herself. A path that has led her to become a high energy, impactful, and wise human being who inspires people all around the world to live life on their own terms.

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Meet Jennifer Acosta:

Since quite a young age, Jennifer has worked with people to reconnect to themselves, and their souls work, in the midst of this very full world. She integrates her widely varied background in ontological coaching, yoga teaching, energy work, massage therapy, birth doula training, and many other healing arts. Her biggest teacher has been life itself, and all the inner, and outer challenges, and all the graces, that appear. Her work is based on the premise that all is conspiring to explode us into living deeper, fuller, richer lives. So much of it comes back to within, and who we are being in this world, where our energy is at, and what resources we have to make a massive impact.
Coaching - Jennifer's jump-out-of-bed in the morning passion, is to work with people to shatter all limiting beliefs, behavior patterns and busted ol' vibes that keep them stuck, and generating the same result again and again and again. Together, we can get you to a finally to have a thriving financial life, juicy relationships, and an up-leveled, deeply connected, inner world that then oozes brilliance in every part of your life.
Together we can : 1. Massively up-level our mindset, and energetic vibration, to lead our circumstances to what we want to create. 2. Get connected back to our bodies, our soul, our universe, and our desires so that we make the impact we were born to make 3. Take the bold and inspired actions that naturally follow, as we step into the next version of ourselves 4. Start your juicy, thriving on line biz, so that you can call your own shots, while producing massive wealth on your terms.
Building Your Online Empire - Chat with Jenn about how you can massively up level your finances, create a thriving income stream from your cell phone, and grow your wealth, so you can live on your own terms.

What You'll Learn:

  • The drunk driving accident that changed everything when she was 14 years old
  • The impact of not knowing whether her sister was going to make it through a coma
  • Being in survival mode and having to pull it together just to get through
  • The whiplash of the trauma when she was 17-18 years old
  • The failed exam that led to, "what the hell am I doing?"
  • Why she decided to leave New York and drove to California
  • The contrast of how her friends in New York vs how she celebrated turning 21 in Big Sur
  • The power of following the "pin-prick" of light
  • The importance of facing your fears and demons inside
  • Practicing gratitude and tapping into the abundance and magnificence of what is
  • Adding value to the world to get what you want
  • Why being on her edge is so important
  • The value of being surrounded by people who inspire you to step up
  • Jennifer's Three Truths: Laugh more, Be passionate more, Love more.


"Now or never. This is not who I am. This is not what I want. And I need to make a change. And I need to make a big change."

"I knew if I stayed and continued what I was doing I wouldn't have made it out alive somehow."

"Our job as adults is to learn our children's gifts and how to bring them out"

"I wasn't good at tests but I knew I was good at following something inside of me that was different than what I saw around me. But it felt like a lifeline."

"When everything around me told me I couldn't, shouldn't, "don't I dare," I had to listen to that little pin-prick, pencil dot, of hope."

"Follow that pin-prick of light, even if it's scary as hell. Follow that and the rest will unfold."

"There's so much noise around us all the time, even in the small choices, if we just tuned in just a little more to our own voice, or intuition, every day, our lives would be so much richer."

"No matter how bad it looks, no matter how scary it is, it's going to be okay as long as I honour who I am."

"Okay, I want that car in my driveway. What am I going to give to the world that I deserve that car? How much value am I going to put out? Who am I going to help today? What lives am I going to change? If I'm not out there changing lives, I don't deserve that car on my driveway."

"The women are the weavers and we are the ones who are going to get this mess of a world in order."

"Women are the weavers of communities, families, relationships, of the world."


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