#9: From Paralyzed To Powerful: A Story of Healing & Discovery

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Today we hear the remarkable story of a man who just a few years ago was paralyzed and who today you'll find him crushing 250 extra pushups in each yoga class! In our conversation together, you'll learn about how becoming paralyzed led him on a path to rediscovering and reinventing himself, the incredible visualization technique he believes led to his healing and recovery and all the insights he's gained about himself and life along the way. I'm sure you'll find this captivating and filled with great nuggets you can apply in your own life!

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What You'll Learn:

  • What it was like to have only 5-10% feeling and function of his upper body
  • The moment he realized he couldn't move his arms, neck or head
  • The importance of going 100% until you can't anymore
  • How he took matters into his own hands after his diskectomy
  • The role visualization played in his recovery and healing
  • How his experience has led to a greater appreciation of everyone's hidden stories
  • The importance of emotional growth and expressing appreciation
  • How giving someone a 'thank you' card supports his reinvention


"My intention at the end of the class is to have no energy left to see what my limits are."

"I like going 100% until I can't go 100% anymore."

"In those moments when I am at my extreme limit, I always think back to the moment when I couldn't feel anything in my upper body."

"I've been so lucky doing all of these other things up until this point in my life, maybe it was my life catching up to me."

"If I don't go there visually, if I don't have that picture of what it is that I ultimately want to achieve or look like, or person that I want to be, then it is so much more difficult to start."

"I don't look at it from a perspective of rebuilding because I don't want to be who I was before. I have to reinvent."

"Even though physically in the eyes of other individuals I appear to be recovered, in shape and strong, emotionally, I still feel as though I'm paralyzed."

"If I could take 25% of the physical gains and transfer that to my emotional self I would be more of a complete person."

"If I can advance myself emotionally even a fraction of the way I've advanced myself physically, what kind of person would I look like?"

"I'm growing and I'm trying to have a better understanding of who I am as an emotional human being."


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