Does this sound like you?

You're a leader and an innovator, someone who rebels against mediocrity.

You step outside the box to do something different instead of following the crowd.

You seek your growth edge because you know you're capable of more.

Life is already pretty awesome yet deep down you feel that something's missing.

You constantly think things like...

  • Is it possible to achieve success in all areas? Life, work, relationships, health, money, time... everything!?
  • People are impressed by my results... but I'm only at 50% of what I'm capable of. What would I accomplish if I could access 80, 90, 100% of my power?
  • I enjoy what I do but something inside me still needs to be expressed and shared with the world.
  • I'm great at the work I do but I crave meaning and joy in my personal life and relationships.

There's a brilliance inside you that's begging to burn brightly. I'd love to help stoke that fire!

My clients create breakthroughs.

  • One of my clients, a long-time sales professional found himself in survival mode. Coaching together he went on to generate six figures in three months and exponentially more thereafter. He is currently number one in sales at his company.
  • I work with a man who was separated, seeing his kids part-time, and just getting by in his business. Each year his business has had their best year yet. He reunited with his family and is currently traveling the world with them for ten months. A lifelong dream.
  • A holistic nutritionist I worked with was building her practice on the side. She went from being a sales rep at a health food company to becoming full-time in her business, a key influencer in women's health and generates five-figures per month.
  • A man I worked with buried his creativity for years with countless distractions. We unleashed his passion and he has now released his first rap EP. He performs his music live and is now on Spotify and iTunes.
  • I supported a high-salary, corporate manager at a big bank build his side business. Within 12 months he quit his high-salary job to go full-time as an entrepreneur and has not looked back since.

Who my clients are.

I support leaders so that they can make a greater impact on the world.

The people I work with are high performers and overachievers. They're usually never satisfied.

It doesn't matter if it's a boardroom, a classroom, or a stage, they are leaders. People look to them because they're resourceful, insightful and their energy is infectious!

My clients are fine on their own.

In fact, many of them don't need a coach... they want one.

They understand that all top performers need a team around them. They have advisors, consultants, and coaches to see their blind spots, continue to evolve, and be held to a higher standard.

Some of the benefits of working with me are:

  • Developing a consistent level of confidence, certitude, and clarity
  • A deeper awareness of who you're being as the source of your results
  • Striving for excellence and authentic self-expression daily
  • Being able to go to bed satisfied from a day where you gave yourself fully
  • Getting reintroduced to who you truly are
  • Powerful action-taking in the face of resistance, fear, and discomfort
  • Living from your essential nature to create effortless flow

What you will get.

  • Weekly 60-minute Skype calls that will add speed, depth, and power to your process.
  • The tools, insights, and distinctions to generate next level performance and accomplishment.
  • Deep transformation that creates a shift in your mindset, actions, and results.
  • Unlimited VIP access to my support by phone, text, and emaail between scheduled sessions.
  • No bullshit. I will call on you to show up as your highest and best self. I will say to you what no one in your life is willing to say.

My program is available by invitation and referral only.

I offer up to two hours of deep transformational coaching with no fee, and no strings attached.
If we're a match I will extend an invitation for us to work together.

My Rock Bottom, My Breakthrough

My origin story.

I had my head on my knees as I wept on the floor of my shower. Everything I thought I was crumbled beneath me. 

After years of being defined by my real estate business, I was officially done. What was once a passionate and creative project became solely about money.

I resented that.

This realization meant there was no turning back.

Within days I put a bullet in the head of my business. Although I was relieved, this was just the beginning of my breakdown.

What came next was my rock bottom.

Bank accounts flirting with zero. Phone calls from collection agencies. Gaslight constantly on.

The weeks blurred by as I wandered aimlessly. I felt hopeless and had no idea what to do. I hid from the world.

My once confident demeanor morphed into a facade, covering the anguish I was going through internally.

Suddenly a voice inside me said:

"Invest in you. You are the cause of your reality. You have the power to change your life."

Slowly I let go of victimhood. I let go of all the things that were not in my power and began putting my energy towards what was in my power - me.

Day after day I invested in myself using the same principles I teach my clients.

I stopped worrying about what I was going to do. Instead, I focused on who I was being.

I began to value myself again. It was like I was finally getting to know myself, love myself and truly express myself.

And regardless of how huge and real my obstacles were, I could once again feel joy, gratitude, and meaning.

This was a breakthrough!

Then incredible things began to happen.

As I invested in myself, my energy and confidence soared!

When opportunities found their way to me I'd serve my gifts powerfully. The abundance that followed was something I could not have imagined!

All because I invested in myself -- I leaped forward!

I moved out of my parent's house, I travelled the world, I went on personal growth retreats, I completed yoga teacher training, I began my coaching practice and got clients immediately, I fell in love... 

The transformation I have gone through could not have occurred without the guidance of my coaches and mentors. Working with them, hearing their stories, and experiencing the power of this type of work is what really drove me to step into my calling to be a coach.

Five years later...

I do the work I love and it supports a life I love! I spend my days talking with inspiring and passionate leaders. I get to spend time with the love of my life. I have the time and the freedom to enjoy life!

Don't get me wrong, my life is not perfect. But now whether I'm in flow or in fear, the self-work has enabled me to stay present, strong, decisive, clear, and have trust in myself and the process.

For me, what I practice and what I share with clients is the exact same.

Lifestyle first, then business.

Invest in my self first, everything else is secondary.

If you're interested in this new paradigm of achievement - let's dive in together!

Real people. Real stories. Real results.

Cheryl Hulseapple

"I approached Oliver Manalese to be my coach after working with several therapists, counselors, and one other coach over several years. What I liked about Oliver was his online presence. I could see who he was and that he openly shared his life story, including the depths of his own ups and downs. 

I hesitated to invest in myself, but after a lifetime of coming from a mindset of scarcity and low self-worth, I wanted to send myself the message that I was ready to create a world of plenty. I could see that Oliver himself lived from such a mindset. 

In a year of working with Oliver, I learned to own my gratitude, as well as my choices, my daily schedule, and my feelings—whether happiness, sadness, or anger. No matter where I was emotionally on a given day, Oliver always met me there. He brought patience, kindness, and loving inspiration to every session.  

I sat through anxiety, connected with creativity I didn't know I had, and learned to take action to achieve the life I wanted. Since working with Oliver, I've sold my house and most of my belongings, refocused my business, become debt free and location independent, and learned to come from a place of curiosity.

I ask myself daily: What will happen if I say no to people and things that don't serve my life and what can I bring into the open space that remains? Bringing Oliver's open and assertive presence and kind voice into my life has been one of the greatest gifts I've given myself."

Cheryl Hulseapple
Copyeditor & Copywriter


Cheryl Hulseapple
Copyeditor & Copywriter

"Oliver's open and assertive presence has been one of the greatest gifts I've given myself."


"I sought a life coach because as a mother of 3 young children, I felt overwhelmed, run down, voiceless, resentful and frustrated.
I wanted so much, a new place to live for my family, a new car, to lose weight, to stop yelling at my children, just to name a few.

I called upon Oliver to help me in these areas of my life that I felt stuck on. In six months, My family moved to a house much smaller yet deeper in nature, put a deposit on my dream electric car, I rarely yell at my kids, but above all else I have come to know myself in ways I never knew before.

Oliver challenged me, asked me questions that left me contemplating the direction I want myself and my family's life to go, and brought me more aligned with my core values. I know myself now than I ever have. I know my survival mechanisms, the excuses I tell myself, my stories I tell myself that push me away from my goals. I know my values, my triggers, my loves, and my goals like never before.

Oliver helped me find clarity...I know what I want now, and I know how to get it. And once I dug through all the pain and suffering I was causing myself, and truly begun to see myself and my patterns, I began to see with clarity my own values, and the goals I wanted for my entire family.

In conclusion, I am now finally taking action toward my final goal of weight lose...already loosing 8 lbs of the 20 lbs I plan to shed. I know without a doubt that it will be achieved.

Thank you very much Oliver for asking me the right questions, pushing me to see things for what it truly is, encouraging me to live my life more aligned with who I am. I am truly grateful to have worked with you.

Hands down Oliver was the best money I have ever spent on myself. Thank you Oliver."




"Hands down Oliver was the best money I have ever spent on myself."

Andrew Brunner

"I would like to introduce everyone to this amazing man. His name is Oliver Manalese and he is awesome!

Exactly 1 year ago I was going through a lot of heavy things, even things he doesn't know about to this very day. Oliver is a Personal Performance Coach and also happens to have a pretty awesome Podcast.

When we started working together, he was trying to fix something that was a complete mess. Working together, he helped me with all the areas in my life that were causing me stress, anxiety, and countless sleepless nights.

Oliver focuses on something he refers to as the 'Integrated Self' which optimizes and balances work life, with personal, physical, and spiritual and is not exclusive to entrepreneurs. It is a unique approach to self improvement, and is by far the most effective way to improve your quality of life.

I have never given an endorsement in my life, but I'm more than willing to put my reputation on this one.

If you would like to improve your life, and become the best version of yourself, I would STRONGLY encourage you to reach out to Oliver. It is the greatest investment I've ever made in myself, and I couldn't imagine having this enjoyable lifestyle only 1 year later."

Andrew Brunner
Real Estate Broker, Cloud Realty
Co-Founder, Property Cloud


Andrew Brunner
Real Estate Broker, Cloud Realty
Co-Founder, Property Cloud

"It is the greatest investment I've ever made and I couldn't imagine having this enjoyable lifestyle only 1 year later."

Samantha Gladish

"It’s been almost 5 years that I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work one-on-one with Oliver. Back in the day, as he moved into the space of personal growth, we would go out for coffee and Oliver would help bring more clarity to my personal struggles and provide me with the tools and support necessary to trust myself in moving into the direction of my dreams.

Those coffee sessions grew into deep, soulful and regular meet ups, where Oliver tested, pushed, and help me to step outside my boundaries.

I never felt more fully supported and heard until working with Oliver. Our coaching sessions together have been incredibly valuable as I move forward personally and professionally.

From rocky relationships, to energy-sucking jobs and getting fired, Oliver helped to guide me through many difficult situations.

Most importantly, he helped me connect to my personal power and strength, allowing me to trust in my gifts and grow a successful business.

I am forever grateful for our coaching sessions. With the success I have had both personally and professionally, I will continue to work with Oliver as his guidance, support and wisdom are so incredibly profound, I couldn’t imagine moving forward without him."

Holistic Weight Loss Coach & Badass Business Coach


Holistic Weight Loss Coach & Badass Business Coach

"Oliver helped me connect to my personal power allowing me to trust in my gifts and grow a successful business."

Leroy C. Milton

“On the outside it seemed like I had it all figured out. On the inside, I was slowly dying—constantly fearful of outcomes, mistreating my body and mind, connecting with people on a superficial level and barely grasping my true potential. I hated myself. Oliver changed all that.

Oliver has an amazing way of shaking up who and what you think you are and what you’re truly capable of. During our work together, he has completely helped reinvent my life —understanding my core worth, my belief system, and showing my limitless possibilities.

His coaching isn’t just coaching. It is an EXPERIENCE. It is something everyone has to experience if you want to achieve the next phase in your life. Through his coaching, I finally feel enough, worthy and I can honestly say I love the person I am becoming.”

Life Coach, Author & Speaker


Life Coach, Author & Speaker

"Through Oliver's coaching, I finally feel enough, worthy and I can honestly say I love the person I am becoming.”

Andrew C. MacDonald

“Through working with Oliver I have consistently been challenged to stay outside of my comfort zone and create a better life for myself. The amount of self-knowledge I have gained through our work has provided me with additional clarity about what I want in my business and life, and ultimately allows me to establish my own principles and standards and then design my business around my values.

Our coaching sessions are always a great boost, help to keep my mindset in the right place to continue moving forward, but most importantly aren’t all “feel good fluff”. Unlike some coaches, Oliver will immediately call me out on habits or limitations that hold be back and then push me to be the best I can be. He has displayed a real knack for identifying obstacles and challenging me to overcome them immediately without excuses.

If you’re looking for someone who can help you with both business and personal performance, I definitely recommend coaching or consulting with Oliver.”

Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
President, Ownership Solutions


Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
President, Ownership Solutions

"Oliver challenged me to stay outside of my comfort zone and create a better life for myself. "

Steven Farquharson

"There is NO way I could have predicted the amazing transformation I would go through when I first started working with Oliver. I thought I had it all figured out and that his coaching would just give me a boost.

What I experienced changed my life forever. We delved into areas of my being that I have never explored. We questioned beliefs, dug through my past, created new standards of well-being, and crafted a vision for my future so inspiring that progress was inevitable.

This is something you have to experience for yourself. From the outside I thought I didn't have much more to grow, but after one conversation with Oliver I saw my real potential, and the rest is history."

Life Coach, Author & Speaker


Life Coach, Author & Speaker

"There is NO way I could have predicted the amazing transformation I would go through working with Oliver."

Hans Phillips

"Oliver is inspirational, creative, fun, powerful and relentless. You want him on your side. If you have the opportunity to engage with him, take it. He is the cream of the crop."

Ontological Coach & Executive Performance Consultant
Owner, Ontoco
CEO, Being University


Ontological Coach & Executive Performance Consultant
Owner, Ontoco
CEO, Being University

"Oliver is inspirational, creative, fun, powerful and relentless. You want him on your side."

Bess Monico

“Oliver… What can be said about a real ‘mover and shaker,’ an inspiration like Oliver. When you leave one of his sessions, you feel energized, like you need to move, to take your next steps into finding the real you, all that you are and could be!

It is like entering another dimension to seek your potential. Around Oliver’s guidance, you feel like anything is possible.”
"It is like entering another dimension to seek your potential."

Sulayma Hassan

"Some time not long ago, between doubt and a hard place, I consciously decided that I needed change. A combination of health reasons and general dissatisfaction with my quality of life, I knew to start healing I had to be true to myself and start living life the way it needed to be lived, enveloped with Beauty and Love. I always thought that making life decisions and working through all the hard parts was a one person job.

Boy was I wrong! I didn't even believe I would ever need life coaching; but every time I made an affirmation to myself that I needed to cause change, I would bump into Oliver, all quite random (in a Divine intervention kind of way), and every single time his energy pulled me in. And so from a soulful connection to life coaching the journey had started quite naturally and continues to blossom.

We never really know the disservice we do to ourselves by believing we can tackle everything on our own; whether it is the strong held belief that we are strong enough and smart enough to willfully cause the change we would like to see in ourselves, or whether it's just truly believing that societal expectations and norms are there for our individual benefit, whatever it is, it stunts the creative process required for us to live authentically based on our own core values and beliefs.

Working with Oliver is challenging, at every session I find myself astonished by all the barriers and boundaries I had placed upon myself, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every session challenged me to be better, to reach higher and to be brutally honest with myself. I couldn't have asked for a better coach, someone to listen and to gently guide without bias. It took me a year to completely change my life a full 180 degrees, and I'm looking forward to all the change that will follow in the coming year. If anyone had predicted the transformation I went through a year ago, I would have dismissed it as an impossible dream, a Mount Everest even, but here I am, not yet at the peak, but close enough that I can see it.

Thank you Oliver for 'being' - a great coach isn't one that just walks the walk or talks the talk, but a great coach is defined by the presence they have with their own authentic being."

Artist, Entrepreneur, Life Coach
Soul Design Coaching


Artist, Entrepreneur, Life Coach
Soul Design Coaching

"If anyone had predicted the transformation I went through a year ago, I would have dismissed it as an impossible dream but here I am."

Peter Assentoft

"Oliver is a gifted coach as he led me to find my own truth in a loving and very compassionate way. I especially loved his Daily Well-Being Sheet which I use every day to rate myself and my overall well-being.

I highly recommend Oliver for anyone who is lost on their path to finding their own truth and purpose."

Lifestyle Facilitator & Coach


Lifestyle Facilitator & Coach

"Oliver led me to find my own truth in a loving and very compassionate way."

Vedran Saciragic

"I sought out Oliver when I was ready for more as he is a person who is on a continuous journey to live the full spectrum of life.

One of the biggest breakthroughs I got in working with Oliver was that I didn't have to wait as there is never a perfect time. This led me to writing and publishing my e-book (JOURNEY TO GET FIT) which helped me organize my thoughts into a clear format.

Hitting the tennis ball against the wall will only get you so far, but bouncing ideas, receiving feedback and discovering your true potential with a coach like Oliver will propel you forward and save you a lot of time."

Entrepreneur, Life Coach & Author
Journey To Get Fit


Entrepreneur, Life Coach & Author
Journey To Get Fit

"Discover your true potential with a coach like Oliver."

Macey C.

“Not having gone through any prior coaching sessions, I really didn’t know what to expect when I first signed up with Oliver, but had a hunch it was going to be something valuable and as it turned out, it didn’t take long before I realized the real benefits of hiring a coach.

In a world where many are busy getting things done, checking things off our endless to-do lists, giving our time and energy to those we care about, striving to be our best in achieving our goals or simply dealing with whatever life throws at you, Oliver really puts an emphasis on getting back to your core values and beliefs which has helped me find that genuine place of happiness – something that’s not dependent on external stimuli or achievements but from simply just being.

I’m a strong believer in personal growth and investing in yourself and I’m grateful that I’ve received a lot of valuable insights from Oliver. He is very knowledgeable in the area of personal development and has a wealth of experience to share which I’ve always enjoyed. He has a very comfortable style in his approach to coaching and I like how he tends to use stories to express an opinion or thought. I also appreciate that he tries to cater a coaching style that works best for you so that you can get the most out of the experience.

If you are reading this testimonial, maybe you have a desire to be in a better place than you are right now or maybe you’re simply just curious, but if you are looking for fresh perspectives on things or a new approach to an old idea, I encourage you to give Oliver a call… a simple talk, and then just see where it takes you. Who knows, it might just be one of the most valuable decisions you make for your future.”

Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur


Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

"Oliver really puts an emphasis on getting back to your core values and beliefs"

Connor Johnston

"Thank you for the truly life changing conversation. You helped me discover some lack of integration in my values in a very clear, honest, and assertive way.

I really appreciate that you cared enough to go to battle with my false self, even though it wasn't super comfortable for me in the moment. I feel much more committed to my core values now, and I want you to know that I am all-in in that regard.

I posted my core values on my bathroom mirror and have taken some simultaneously small yet big steps to being more organized, integrated, and honest in my relationships."
"Oliver helped me discover some lack of integration in my values in a very clear, honest, and assertive way."

Graeme R.

"In the last two weeks, I've experienced a significant percentage of the best days of my life.

I decided not to hesitate anymore.

Every day for the last week I've been facing fears, moving forward, living at my edge and for a number of scattered days before that.

I have my first shift at a job in Toronto tomorrow, selling adventuring gear and I'm living in a house with some friends (albiet my room is a closet, but whatever)...which is basically a dream come true something i've wanted to do for half my life.

And best of all, I'm finally finding an inner strength and willpower to be myself, undeterred by fears that once seemed significant, and I've started down a long path leading... somewhere. I don't care to know where, only that it is the right path.

Maybe the thing you're the most scared of is the thing you most need to do"

I learned a lot of really good tools from you, but that one in particular, that one is shaping my life in ways that don't even make sense.... because by doing that one thing, suddenly everything else is falling into place.

I feel, for the first time, alive and awake.

I wake up every day excited just to exist and to continue down the path that I've chosen and I can't imagine ever stepping back from the edge now.

I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. So thank you."
"I feel, for the first time, alive and awake... I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for you."

Taylor Klotz

"When I first spoke with Oliver, I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous, could I open up to a complete stranger ? But I did, and that one hour chat that I had with him not only was easier than I thought, but I got so much out of it.

He really gave it to me straight and didn't beat around the bush. He cleared my thoughts which were jumbled for weeks before we spoke and the most important thing I took from our conversation was direction.

In one hour I had direction to start my journey to be a more authentic me. Thanks for all your help and guidance Oliver!"
"In one hour I had direction to start my journey to be a more authentic me."

Dineen Jogola

"Oliver was able to help remove the blinding distractions and justifications I had for not moving powerfully in specific areas of my life.  He helped me gain clarity on what I fundamentally value so that I am empowered to move towards what I'm truly passionate about.  He is very aware and cultivates trust easily with his own openness and authenticity. He walks the talk."
"I am empowered to move towards what I'm truly passionate about."

Patty Farias

"I met with Oliver at a time in which I was feeling very ambivalent about my life. I had graduated from OCADU in 2013 and was in University for the second time.

I was confused about what the next step in my life should be. I was not sure what to expect when meeting with Oliver as first and foremost he was my yoga teacher, but our session helped to validate the feelings that I had stirring within me.

Oliver asked a lot questions about how I related to the decisions that I was making for myself in my life and the energetic effects of these decisions on my mind, body, and life.

The question that stood out most to me and that I continually repeated to myself after our session was “could you use the energy that you are spending in school in a different place and have it effect your life more positively?”

This question changed the way I related to my decision to be in University again and helped me to realize that I value my energy and youthful spirit and that I was allowing for school to drain me of this energy.

My experience with Oliver was extremely valuable because he asked me the questions that I was afraid to ask myself, but also ones that I had not even considered could help me.

Oliver was provocative in his approach to understanding my life. He allowed me to realize that I am the only person accountable for my decisions and to feel liberated by that fact as opposed to daunted by it. He reminded me that I already have the tools that I need in order to be successful.

I left U of T a month after meeting with Oliver and since then have re-invested all of my studying energy into yoga, reading, and working on my spiritual health.

All of that spiritual nourishment has helped me to find a dream job that gives me the opportunity to do what I love most which is to travel and spend time with people.

Thank you Oliver for being the voice that I needed to hear!!"

Yogi, Artist, and WestJetter


Yogi, Artist, and WestJetter

"Oliver reminded me that I already have the tools that I need in order to be successful."

Shelsea Cormier

"For the first one on one conversation with Oliver, he asked direct questions about my values and really listened attentively, and I could tell he was listening because he repeated what I said back to me in a way that I hadn't considered, shared his own experiences of aimlessness and offered tools to move forward.

By being open with Oliver there is no room for excuses or waiting. He advocates self investments and offers real strategies of how to make the most of yourself, personalized individually, never from a condescending perspective but of love and openness."
"By being open with Oliver there is no room for excuses or waiting."

Aarti Motala

"I came across Oliver’s coaching at the perfect time. Being a brand new entrepreneur, I was filled with doubt – I had so many questions I didn’t know how to answer and would second-guess myself constantly. After the one-hour complementary session, I knew that Oliver’s style of coaching was the best fit for me.

Through our 6 months working together I had several major breakthroughs; some personal, some professional. The main thing that has stayed with me is your personal health and well-being must be the priority in order to see growth in any area of your life.

As a human being, I will always experience a range of emotions. Some are self-sabotaging and some are incredible positive. Now, because of the tools and resources Oliver shared with me, I know how to ground myself and realign with my goals whenever I hit an emotional roadblock.

I’m very grateful for Oliver!"

Arbonne, Independent Consultant
Makeup & Hair Artist


Arbonne, Independent Consultant
Makeup & Hair Artist

"I know how to ground myself and realign with my goals."

Clare Rocha

"Firstly, I really enjoyed working with you.  The whole experience was invaluable to me.  I could easily have continued on with you indefinitely.  The way you speak and what you say really resonated with me.  I could listen to you for hours and still be left wanting more.

I really liked the way you gave me your full attention throughout our sessions.  You were totally focused and I can tell you are very passionate about what you do and were truly interested in my development. 

I also got a tremendous amount out of the exercises/homework you gave me.  They were so thought-provoking and priceless for someone as introspective as I am.  I learned so much about myself!  I had so many light-bulb enlightening moments.  I think my favourite exercise was having to come up with my values.  Now everything in life makes much more sense!

Even just seeing you for the first time in a day, before you even open your mouth, you radiate this magnificent warmth.  I feel like I am your best friend, and that you really care about my well-being.  It is amazing and quite rare to find someone your age who is so knowledgeable and evolved.

I now feel I have a new vigor for life.  I am more aware of my thoughts and feelings, and much more selective in how I spend my time.  I now consciously choose to do things that are in line with my values and that will bring me closer to my vision. 

Before meeting you, I felt like I was wandering aimlessly;  now I feel like I am on a path, and that I know where it's leading!"
"I learned so much about myself! I now feel I have a new vigor for life."

Are you ready for a breakthrough?

If a voice inside just said "Hell yeah!" then let's talk. If not, then that's okay too.

If you're feeling fear and discomfort fused with a dash of excitement, it's probably time to take the next step and make an investment in YOU!

No amount of growth happens without fear and discomfort. 

Let's breakthrough it together...