Reinvention Roadmap

Early Bird Special $247 (Save $100)

Dates: Saturday, February 24th & 25th
Location: TBA - Oakville/Mississauga

Are you ready for the next big breakthrough in your life, career, or relationships?
Do you feel a change needs to happen and aren't unsure where to start?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This is a 2-day workshop on the process I use with leaders in accomplishing 'impossible' goals like going from survival to six figures in a matter of months; going from dreading their 9-5 to full-time doing what they love; taking ten months off for world travel with a family of four; and so on. What I’ve noticed is...

The strategies that got us to where we are cannot get us to what’s next -- it requires reinvention!

When you don’t know where you’re going you feel lost, aimless, or without purpose. If you’re one of the few who knows where you want to go, it’s likely you don’t know where you are on the map to move forward.

Reinvention Roadmap is a process that shifts how you see yourself, the world, and your place in it.

We will work together so that you move through the process with clarity, direction, and confidence to achieve your next breakthrough! If you are looking to create lasting change and reach a new level of possibility, this is for you.

What To Expect:

  • You will distinguish and see your two life paths: your predictable future vs your designed, possible future.

  • You will learn to identify where you are in the process so you take the right actions to achieve your desired results and be prepared for upcoming challenges.

  • You will uncover the context of your success and survival mechanism, how it’s helped you win, and why it limits you the most.

  • You will understand and learn to manage the effects of your fear-based cycles and craft new cycles based on love and essence.

  • You will know how to regain alignment with your path with continued momentum, enthusiasm, and energy.

My commitment to you is... by the end of this workshop, you will gain access to choices, actions, and results you once thought were impossible!

If you would like to inquire further to see if this workshop is a match for you, please schedule a call with me.