Does this sound like you?

You have achieved success and crave more.

You have a unique gift to uncover, cultivate, and share with the world.

Your life is about making a significant impact on people's lives.

If so, you're in the right place.

And your growth edge is just around the corner.

As a leader, your main challenge is this:

What you want to accomplish is so big it is beyond the skills and know-how that got you here.

Sure others are impressed by your results so far but deep down you know you're not at your fullest potential.

Your formula for success got you here, but you've maxed it out! It prevents you from the joy, health, satisfaction, power, and self-expression of what's next.

In my coaching practice, I've noticed ten common traits that have led to my clients' successes while at the same time limits them the most.

1. You are up to something big.

The possibilities of your gift, your mission, and your future energize you. Though it spurs you into action, you miss out on enjoying the simple things in life and the small wins along the way. You miss out on the present moment.

2. You are action-based and results-oriented.

People count on you to make things happen. It's not just what you do, it's who you are. You are so wrapped up in taking action and how it turns out that your self-image goes along for the ride. You view rest, play, and recovery as inaction when they are in fact fundamental to high-level achievement. For you, no action and no results usually mean self-worth drops.

3. You care... a lot!

You take pride in how you treat others, the quality of your work, and being of service. You care so much that it comes at the cost of well-being. Your health, happiness, relationships, and relaxation go by the wayside. You end up overworking and burning out and it's a vicious cycle.

4. You are resourceful.

People come to you because you have the answers. And if you don't, they trust you to find it! You're so used to people coming to you for support, you miss out on the power of having a team of people supporting you.

5. You are self-aware.

You play to your strengths and leverage what you're best at. You're so aware in fact that you sense that you have underlying inauthenticities. There are things in your life that don't reflect your inner truth. You know you're a fraction of who you could be. You seek to change this to avoid future regret.

6. You are a leader.

Enrolling others in your vision comes naturally to you. You can see what's possible in people and you motivate them into action. The challenge of being a leader is that it often feels lonely. No one really 'gets you.'

7. You are responsible.

You take ownership of everything! You are accountable for your choices and the effects of choices. You always step up to clean up messes both yours and of others. You can find it hard to say, "I need help." You end up doing what you've always done and get what you've always gotten.

8. You want more.

People from the outside say how great you have it - and you do. At the same time, you feel there is more to experience and accomplish in life. There is so much more inside of you to explore and give to the world. 

9. You crave freedom.

It's why you do what you do. You are building towards a future where you can do what you want, when you want, and with who you want. Yet, the pursuit disturbs the stability of the success you've achieved. Seeking change invites chaos amongst the order you've established.

10. You want to make a difference.

It's what drives you. Knowing that what you say and do makes an impact, fuels you. To make an even bigger impact you have to reinvent yourself.

After working with me, all my clients say, "I am living a life I once thought was impossible!" Although I can't take credit for all the heavy lifting, what I offer is a unique experience that consistently gets you to where you want to be.

This is because I am not here for you to like me. I am not here to please you, but to serve you. I am here to support you in accessing your highest self and highest possibility. 

I don't hold back. I will call you out and make you uncomfortable so that you are on your growth edge. I will say the things the people around you aren't willing to say. And I will do it in a way that sparks insight and creates openings for empowerment and transformation.